Top Skills

  • Programming Languages:
    • Kotlin
    • JavaScript
    • Ruby
    • Java
  • Frameworks/Libraries:
    • React
    • Serverless Framework
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Spring Boot
  • Areas of Interest:
    • Containers
    • Cloud
    • Infrastructure Automation
    • Serverless

Work Experience

SmartPay Leasing

Senior Software Engineer
2019-01 - Present
  • Developed greenfield identity verification application using React, AWS Lambda, Ruby and MySQL
  • Modernized developer environments using Docker & Docker Compose
  • Implemented CI pipelines on GitLab utilizing advanced patterns such as parallel tasks
  • Maintained and enhanced existing Ruby on Rails applications
  • Provisioned and configured AWS resources including networking, VPCs and API Gateway
  • Automated infrastructure tasks using Terraform, CloudFormation and Ansible


Senior Software Engineer
2017-08 - 2019-01
  • Developed REST API services using Java 8, Play Framework and PostgreSQL
  • Refactored legacy code to be asynchronous to increase throughput of services
  • Packaged and deployed applications using Docker and AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Wrote client libraries for consuming third-party HTTP services using Kotlin and OkHttp
  • Implemented per-customer workflows using a JavaScript DSL

Kroger Digital

Services Engineer
2015-02 - 2017-08
  • Developed REST microservices for consumption by and the Kroger mobile app
  • Piloted Kotlin for microservices development and evangelized within the organization
  • Developed data ingestion and processing pipeline using Kafka, Neo4j and Spring Boot services
  • Built custom Gradle and Spring plugins in order to improve code quality and performance monitoring
  • Implemented and maintained CI pipelines in on-premise GitLab environment
  • Participated in on-call rotation, utilizing tools including APM and log aggregation to diagnose production issues
  • Scripted push-button deploys of Docker images to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Tata Consultancy Services

Systems Engineer
2009-06 - 2015-02
  • Developed web portal and authentication/authorization systems for SaaS ERP application
  • Rewrote legacy Struts web application using Java 7, Apache Wicket and Spring Core
  • Transitioned team from SVN to Git for source code management, including instructional sessions on Git usage
  • Enhanced developer environments using Vagrant and Chef
  • Setup and maintained Linux server for team development tools using kvm and libvirt for virtualized hosts
  • Provisioned Jenkins server and implemented CI pipelines for the team